Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector With Universal J1772 Connector – Smart Charge America Review

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector With Universal J1772 Connector – Smart Charge America Review
June 8, 2022 David Laderberg
tesla home charger gen 3 with universal j1772 connector

Smart Charge America has installed more commercial Tesla-specific and Tesla universal wall chargers than any other outfit in the nation, and Tesla just sent us a palette full of its new Generation 3 J1772 universal wall chargers prior to their widespread release! We had some Tesla Generation 2 J1772 universal wall chargers in stock, so were able to do a visual design comparison as we unboxed Tesla’s sleek new product.

Tesla took the time to create something beautiful and different that is reflective of the brand and prioritizes destination charging ease of use for any electric vehicle driver. For starters, the glossy black aesthetic of the universal wall charger contrasts with the white of the Tesla-specific wall chargers familiar to EV users, which will create clarity as soon as you drive up to a charging station.

When it comes to actual use of the G3, this is the slimmest cord we have ever seen on a universal J1772 connector, and the ergonomic handle is a perfect fit in our hands! We also used one of our J1772 testers to confirm a secure connection while destination charging and clean release of the slimline latch when you’re ready to continue your journey. These are all the points we like to see in a good connector, and Tesla nailed it.

Like Tesla, Smart Charge America is committed to providing the infrastructure for sustainable electric mobility. We do this one charging station at a time, and the release of the G3 supports this goal. Tesla owns the software on all the wall chargers it produces, and we are excited to see what they do with their charger software as more Tesla and non-Tesla EV drivers benefit from the proliferation of G3 installations.

Stay tuned for more on Smart Charge America’s Tesla Generation 3 J1772 universal wall charger installations at commercial destinations across the country!


  1. JohnB 1 year ago

    Can you clarify whether the J1772 Gen3 TWC and the Tesla Gen3 TWC can be linked for power sharing? There’s info on the web suggesting that the two types don’t mix and match. I believe this information might be for the J1772 TWC based on the Gen2 TWC, which I surmise can powershare with Gen2 TWCs over an RS485 link.

    I’ll also push my luck by asking the following: For a condo complex wanting to manage charger availability based on time-of-use rates, does (or will) the Gen3 charger permit dynamic power limit management through some API communicating with the “leaders” of TWC clusters? For residential installations, the default answer is to let your EV manage schedules. IMHO control from the EVSE side would be better.

    • Author
      David Laderberg 1 year ago

      Yes, you can use the Gen 3 J1772 TWC and the Gen 3 TWC together with their Power Sharing functionality.
      As for your second question, the answer is no.

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