Smart Charge America Now Installs Electric Car Chargers In New York City

Smart Charge America Now Installs Electric Car Chargers In New York City
August 26, 2021 Joseph Barletta
electric car charging station installation in New York City provided by Smart Charge America

We are proud to celebrate the opening of Smart Charge America’s new location where we’ll offer electric car charging station installation in New York. Now that we’re staked our claim in the Capital of the World, you can now find Smart Charge America services in eight of the ten most populated cities in the country. We are excited to see the team at Smart Charge America hit yet another important milestone in their journey to bring quality, affordable electric vehicle chargers and installation to the entire country!

Smart Charge America is known for offering electric vehicle charging stations for homeowners, for multi-family and commercial properties, and for municipal fleets, along with professional installation and service. Whether you need the safest and greatest electric car charging station for your home, or if you need the right system to integrate with your property or fleet of cars, we are here to help.

The Groundwork for Electric Vehicles

New York City has been leading the way since the seventeenth century. In 1915, it was a New York entrepreneur who was the first to paint his taxis yellow. And while New York City wasn’t the first to build a subway system for transit in the country or the world, they built the largest underground rail system in the United States, a record they still hold to this day. The Capital of the World has championed the use of electric transportation since they built power stations specifically to power their subway with Edison’s direct current.

New York’s Commitment to Sustainability

New York City was one of the earliest major cities to prioritize sustainability with its groundbreaking PlaNYC. Under this plan, NYC aims to reduce emissions by 30 percent by the year 2030. When this plan was created in 2007, few people realized what an impact electric vehicles could have. We now know they will play a key role in helping forward-thinking cities reach their goals. The promotion of electric vehicles and the infrastructure to keep them running has been prioritized in the PlaNYC.

The New Way to Get Around in NYC

As the city now aims to become carbon neutral by 2050, it must continue to increase accessibility to private and public charging stations. At a recent count, only 14,000 of the 1.9 million cars and SUVs in New York City were electric vehicles, and there were only 1,200 publicly accessible charging stations. If New York is going to reach its goals, it will need to expand access to electric vehicle chargers across the five boroughs. Fortunately, New York is known all over the world for its ability to rise above and come out on top. We’re confident that they will succeed with help from Smart Charge America.

New York and Smart Charge America Look to the Future

New York is second only to California when it comes to encouraging electric vehicle ownership. The Empire State plans to convert its entire massive municipal fleet to electric by 2040. The state senate has recently passed Bill S.3929, which is legislation to encourage charging infrastructure. State and local governments are also focusing on building opportunities to charge electric vehicles in disadvantaged communities. By creating necessary infrastructure now and in the near future, New York guarantees success for steadily rising sales of electric vehicles.

Electric cars already offer increased reliability and sustainability, but EV drivers in New York have even more to be excited about. The state offers considerable rebate incentives that combine with the Federal Tax Credit. Many of the state’s toll roads offer special discounts to electric vehicle owners, including the Thruway Authority’s Green Pass Discount Plan and the Port Authority’s Green Pass Program. And with Smart Charge America’s arrival in New York City, it will be easier than ever to install a home charger for your electric vehicle.

Get Electric Vehicle Charging in New York

Whether you’re a homeowner with an electric vehicle, a property manager looking to add incentives to your business, or a city fleet manager wanting to make the switch, Smart Charge America is the answer. When it comes to powering your vehicle, choose only the best. Our vehicle chargers give you the freedom to live a sustainable, satisfying life on your own terms. Get a quote today, and let’s get started on the best solution for charging your electric vehicle.


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