Smart Charge America Expands To San Diego And San Francisco

Smart Charge America Expands To San Diego And San Francisco
August 18, 2021 Joseph Barletta
electric car charging station installation in San Diego California provided by Smart Charge America

Smart Charge America just cannot be stopped! We are excited to announce our expansion into two of the most exciting cities in the country, San Francisco and San Diego. With electric car charger installation locations nationwide, we are happy to add to our existing California locations in Sacramento and Los Angeles. It’s easier than ever for the good people of California to get electric car charging stations professionally installed and experience the next-level service of Smart Charge America.

Smart Charge America remains at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, providing commercial and residential charging stations for electric vehicles. With charging solutions for every budget, we keep people charged up and on the road. From full-service installation to maintenance, from support to turnkey operations, we are here to help your eclectic goals succeed. We’ll keep you energized at home, at the office, and at retail locations. We even help electrify municipal fleets. Find our full list of products here.

San Francisco city skyline

San Francisco Aims for 100% Electric Car Sales by 2030

Between its forward-thinking attitude and its hills that are perfect for regenerative braking, San Francisco is perfect for electric vehicles. From trolley cars to the latest electric cars, electric vehicles have always had a home in San Francisco. They have high hopes for EV in the Paris of the West, and they are pulling out all the stops to make them happen. The city government plans to reach 100% electric sales by 2030. They’re taking it even further, aiming to make San Francisco emission free by 2040. We’re equally committed to sustainable electric vehicles, and we’re excited to help San Francisco continue to be a pinnacle of progress by offering electric car charger installation to Bay Area homes and businesses.

San Diego skyline

San Diego

When it comes to electric vehicles, San Diego continues to live up to its reputation as America’s Finest City. Their charging infrastructure has grown by leaps and bounds, and the county plans to install thousands of charging stations over the next ten years. San Diego leads the pack in important ways, being one of the first communities in the area to streamline the EV charger permitting process. Reducing the red tape makes the installation process faster for everyone. This community is serious about making EV as EZ as possible. That’s a value we share at Smart Charge America, and we’ll be proud to keep San Diego powered up by making it easy and affordable to get quality electric car chargers installed at your home or business.

California Paves the Way for Electric Vehicles

We’ve done business in California for quite a while now, and this state truly understands the value of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Over 40% of our nation’s EVs drive on California roads, and Smart Charge America keeps many of them charged. As electric sales continue to increase, California’s example will soon be followed by the rest of the country. And we will continue to help make it possible.

Smart Charge America Charges Ahead

We now have home bases set up in seventeen major cities across the country. While our numbers grow, our commitment to our customers hasn’t changed. Whether we’re installing for one home, an entire block, or a full city’s fleet, we offer only the highest quality electric vehicle chargers and associated services. No matter where you are in the country, there’s a good chance you fall within our service area. Find out what you’ve been missing in your EV experience — get a quote today.


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