Smart Charge America Expands Electric Car Charger Installation To Miami Florida

Smart Charge America Expands Electric Car Charger Installation To Miami Florida
October 12, 2021 Joseph Barletta
skyline of miami florida where smart charge america offers electric car charging station installation

Welcome to Miami, Smart Charge America!

Smart Charge America continues its nationwide expansion with the opening of a brand new location for electric car charging stations in Miami, Florida. We’re excited to announce our arrival in the Sunshine State, our 19th major location. With offices in over a dozen states, we’re bringing the best options for electric vehicle charging to more people than ever before. Our goal has always been to bring fast, convenient EV charging to drivers all over the country, and we’re thrilled to be making this dream a reality. Be on the lookout for upcoming locations in Seattle, Washington, and Columbus, Ohio!

At Smart Charge America, we offer EV charging solutions for residential, business, and municipal clients. For homeowners, we install top brand charging stations and even the Tesla Powerwall for the best in home energy storage. If you’re a business owner, we can provide indoor and outdoor charging, including turn-key services. And if you’re managing a city’s fleet of electric vehicles, we offer everything you need to keep your vehicles charged and ready to work. As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, we are here to help you succeed.

Miami EV Charging Installation and Service

The fastest way to increase the convenience of your electric vehicle is with the installation of a professional, high-quality charging system. You can often cut your charging time in half! Enjoy the safety and convenience of a system installed by professionals. Our expert team can provide a quote online! Just answer a handful of basic questions and provide a few pictures of your home, and we’ll start the process. It’s as easy as that. We offer solutions for every budget, including convenient payment plans through Synchrony Financial. There’s nothing standing in the way between you and getting the most out of your electric vehicle! We make it just as easy to get EV charging quotes for a business or municipal government.

Miami-Dade County’s Dedication to Reducing Emissions

Miami is serious about increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road. With the Miami-Dade Climate Action plan, they’ve called for 10% of this year’s vehicle sales to be electric, and they will add another 10% with each year. That means a 20% EV share in 2022, a 30% in 2023, and so on. They’re also aiming to shift the County fleet to electric and increase public and private access to charging stations. There’s no doubt that Miami has its eyes on the future of transportation, and Smart Charge America is here to help make it happen.

EV Incentives in Florida

As we open up shop in the great state of Florida, we’re proud to see their commitment to cleaner, more efficient electric vehicles. Out of every state in the country, Florida has the second-highest number of electric cars on the road. That’s no surprise, considering the lengths the state has gone to in providing incentives and charging infrastructure. Legislators continue to approve pilot programs that provide incentives for EV charger installation, from new Level 2 chargers in homes to commercial fleet chargers. As they continue to expand EV infrastructure at the city and state level, Florida proves that it’s on board with the electric vehicle revolution.

Smart Charge America Charges Forward

As America continues to fall in love with the clean convenience of electric cars, we will be there to help them get the most out of their vehicles. With safe, professional installations and fast, efficient EV charging systems, you’ll enjoy everything that electric vehicles have to offer. As Smart Charge America grows our market, we will continue to provide the best service and the most committed team. Are you ready for the best in EV charging? Get your free quote today!


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