Smart Charge America Reviews

  • Awesome, loved the service. On point, they took care of everything. Completely hassle free

    Anish R.Residential Customer
  • Smart Charge is your single destination for having a charging station installed. Not only did Joseph and Aaron do a 5 start job in getting me all hooked up, he told me about numerous rebates that I would be entitled to, which I had not known. They did a fantastic job, and it was simply turn key. Great work, and I would recommend them to anyone!

    Mark BalokResidential Customer
  • What sets you apart is that everyone I spoke with was customer oriented and I always felt like I was talking to my best friend. The work itself was clean, neat and professional.

    David N.Residential Customer
  • “You were flexible and easy to work with in terms of scheduling. Workers were prompt for the appointment and finished sooner than I expected. A great experience!”

    Elizabeth R.Residential Customer
  • Joseph and the Smart Charge team did an outstanding job in installing our Tesla HPWC and new electrical panel. Our prior panel was completely maxed out and we had to upgrade. The first electrician we brought out was overwhelmed by this prospect but Joseph and team handled it seamlessly.

    They took care of all of the permitting, inspections, and installation in a very timely fashion and completed the work on time and on budget. The HPWC was installed professionally and works brilliantly, giving us up to 80 Amps of charge as advertised.

    I cannot recommend them more. Oh, and they will take care of all of the rebate paperwork and filing for you!

    RandallResidential Customer
  • I could not have been more pleased with the services provided. This company does it right! I just wish everyone ran their business like these guys do…the world would be a better place if that were the case. Kudos to Joseph and his entire staff!

    Jason M.Commercial Customer
  • Very helpful with explaining EVSE knowledge to me, they couldn’t have done anything better. A great company as I am looking forward to referring friends, family and colleagues to them for their services. Absolutely, what a wonderful company and staff!

    Jim Van NormanResidential Customer
  • You were considerate of our time which I really appreciate. Everyone was on time, gave me paperwork in record time and your installers were very professional and courteous. I could recommend you to anyone!

    MelodyResidential Customer
  • Great! Professional and fast.

    Janet S.Commercial Customer
  • You should talk with Joseph, we had a number of difficulties with Bosch installations. Our partnership with Joseph and Smart Charge has worked great for us. We have done a number of shows with them, and our customers speak highly of their installation work.

    Jess Rolan, BMW of AustinCommercial Customer
  • Great guys’! They did a perfect job and put the yard back better than it was.

    Laura S.Residential Customer
  • Very professional installation staff. Smooth process with little hassle, from sales to final city rebate!

    John B.Residential Customer
  • Overall very well done. Organized well, smooth process. Knowledgeable & capable electrician.

    Sunil R.Commercial Customer
  • Honestly I have no words for improvement as it seems that your company does business they way it should be done. Personal timely responses with phone and e-mail, with detailed professional answers for all concerns. The service at the residence was flawless with a call 30 minutes before arrival, professional looking finished product with very personable master electrician. I would highly recommend your company above all others.

    LindaResidential Customer
  • The city inspector just left and he mentioned several times what a quality job you did! Good job, high praise for you from him and me!

    The inspector also noted that he can tell a quality job usually when he first looks at it. He said you used 1 metal tube across the longest section, and he was impressed, as he was at the use of the metal tubing itself. He also said it was difficult to make that many turns and do such a good job. It’s nice for me to hear what a great job you did, as I have little basis of comparison, but was very pleased. I thought you should know he was very, very impressed, and so am I.

    Bob BinderResidential Customer
  • Excellent installation of our tesla charger. Would recommend in a heartbeat!

    Jigish P.Residential Customer
  • I cannot say enough positive things about the quality and professionalism of the installation done by Smart Charge Residential.   Don’t think about going with anyone else, especially with a ordinary electrician who doesn’t do a ton of EV charger installations.  Without a doubt you don’t want to go with anyone else.   Smart Charge Residential does 2+ charger installations a day and that experience matters.

    This was my first installation with this company, and my second EV installation overall.   I made the mistake of having my first EV charger installed by a commercial Master Electrician, which at the time seemed fine.  Overtime I began to have increasing noticeable heat on the charging cable, sometimes too hot to touch.   We just got our second EV and I wanted to have a dual chargers so that we wouldn’t be forever be connecting and disconnecting respective cars.

    My installation was not straight forward as they had to evaluate the prior work done, and they come up with a plan for how to do the installation within the existing framework.   Ultimately the plan was to daisy chain both chargers so that they would not have to do the more expensive solution of having to upgrade the entire house’s service, and that they chargers would be able to give 100% to either car or split it between the two as needed.  I was really impressed with the amount of time and discussion that went on, as they evaluated what I had and patiently came up with a plan how best to accomplish the installation.   They were in no hurry to get in and get out and get on to the next appointment.   It was obvious they took their work very seriously and wanted to do it right.

    On inspection of my prior installation the installers found that my initial prior install done by the Master Electrician was sub-par, and even dangerous.  My initial wire was underrated (too small) for the load that was run, it wasn’t matched to the correct size breaker, the wire was not properly secured, it was not adequately grounded, and multiple other things that are not relevant to this review.    Long and short was that Smart Charge Residential scrapped all the original sub-par work, and did a fresh installation.   They even stood by their original quote that they had given, which did had not included redoing prior bad work, just extending what I already had.

    Well the result was a clean tidy professional install.   They cleaned up after themselves, they went to the trouble to do a more challenging installation which resulted in something that looked better and was more functional for us on a daily basis, putting the charger in a harder for them to get at place nearer the port on the car to be easier for us on a daily basis.

    I can’t tell you how pleased I am in how seriously these people take what they are doing, they are thoughtful, patient, meticulous and stand by their word.   Now when I charge my cable is completely cool.   What a difference, it is worth the piece of mind that it was done correctly.

    Rich S.Residential Customer
  • We are purchasing an electric vehicle. Smart Charge came to San Antonio, supplied us with an estimate, and did exceptional work once approved. They were on time, courteous and professional. We definitely recommend Smart Charge for your car charger needs! We will use them again in the future.

    Atlee ParrResidential Customer
  • Joseph and the Smart Charge team were very professional before, during, and after install.

    Mike PResidential Customer
  • Highly professional, great product knowledge, competitively priced. Nice people to work with.
    Highly recommend.

    Robert C.Residential Customer
  • Superior knowledge and courteous consult…vested Tesla owner. Detailed home evaluation and basis of estimate with all the options readily spelled out. Quick to schedule …on time and quick and clean install. Proactive customer followup! Quality through and through!

    Rick M.Residential Customer
  • Thanks Smart Charge for getting me going so quickly. Charging at 240V is great at home. Thanks for helping to find a good overall solution!

    Kurt LyellResidential Customer
  • LOVE my new charger! They installed it so quickly and helped me figure out exactly where would be the best place to put it. Thank you!

    Becky R.Residential Customer
  • I would like to take this time to congratulate the Smart Charge team. Fantastic job, great communication and reliable people.

    Carlos VazResidential Customer
  • That was very easy and smooth. I am happy Joseph was there to help with a wealth of information to support me in making a the right choice for my charger and car. I would recommend to any friend and will also call him again when I get another EV. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much Joseph and team!

    DWResidential Customer
  • Thank you so much, Lindsey! Y’all did a fantastic job!!!

    I will totally like you on Facebook and write a review!

    Lori JonakinResidential Customer
  • Thank you for the quick and painless installation of our new electric car charging station at our project. Your team handled all the paperwork with the city and really made the process fluid and expeditious. We really enjoyed working with your crew during this process.

    Marty Timmerman, Peloton Commercial Real EstateCommercial Customer
  • This company is first class in my book! They are very responsive and take customer service very seriously. Also, reasonably priced for service.

    Gina V.Commercial Customer
  • The Austin Smart Charge team did a GREAT JOB on the FAST, clean install of my new EVSE Clipper Creek L2 station in Round Rock, TX. While I can get free charging at work, having the convenience of a level 2 charging station in my garage is awesome.

    I’ve been driving electric for about 6 months and can’t imagine ever going back to gas. I’ve been so inspired by EV cars, I’ve changed my career and now educate people on the benefit of electric cars as well as sell them. Thanks again to Joseph and his team at Smart Charge.

    Raymond MResidential Customer
  • Very courteous team. Everyone I spoke to was down to earth and seemed to genuinely care about my experience being awesome.

    RameshResidential Customer
  • “Smart Charge America was a pleasure to deal with. They made the process of installing a new EV Charger easy, quick and painless. They were able to answer all of my questions and handle the process start to finish, quickly and professionally. Thank you!”

    Ellen M.Residential Customer
  • Joseph did a great job on the install and he is very knowledgeable and helpful. I did some shopping around for someone to install my level 2 charger and based on price and the fact that he was the only one that specifically works on installing EV chargers made Smart Choice the best choice to make.

    Thomas AResidential Customer
  • Wonderful customer service. Turned up on time and super fast install. Would highly recommend!

    Paul J.Residential Customer
  • Smart Charge got my charger installed in half the time and half the cost of the other quote I got. Really pleased with the result!

    Jay G.Residential Customer
  • I appreciated the detailed instruction from you and your workers about how the job would be done and the final walk through after the job was completed.

    Tommy F.Commercial Customer
  • I couldn’t be more pleased with Joseph and the rest of the Smart Charge team who installed my charger. My building manager was annoying but these guys persevered and got it done in time for me to get my tax credit. It was a big job – done right. Thank you!

    Josh KerrResidential Customer
  • I emailed all 3 companies listed on the Tesla website. Your company emailed me back immediately, had me fill out the online information, gave me 3 options and quotes, and installed the wall charger promptly and professionally. By the time I had it installed, one of the other companies was just emailing me back, while the third company has not even answered my email at all. Congratulations on a job well done!

    MihneaResidential Customer
  • Tesla recommended ElectricMan and CESG for my Tesla charger install. I had both companies come out and provide a quote. One quoted $5,000, then other quoted $6,000, which I believed was outrageous. It turns out both companies tried to sell me additional hardware and wanted to replace and/or upgrade existing electrical hardware. They both gave me different stories about what needed to be done as well.

    So I ended up researching on the Tesla Forums and found that someone else had recommended Smart Charge. From their website I was able to request a free survey and shortly after I was contacted by the company’s Founder & CEO, Joseph Barletta. Joseph was extremely friendly and helpful and we scheduled a time for one of their electricians to come out.

    When the electrician got there he was extremely knowledgable and didn’t try to sell me more than I needed. The initial quote was $2,850 and it included the trenching to run the wires underground to my detached garage, which the other companies did not include.

    For the job, Joseph ended up coming out with two others and spent the majority of the day digging the trench and running the wire. The actual Tesla charger installation took another couple of hours.

    I could not have been more satisfied with the job and highly recommend Joseph and his company, Smart Charge.

    Eric FortenberryResidential Customer
  • Joseph and team did a great job. I’m happy, particularly after waiting… And waiting… And waiting for Bosch. Your company did everything very quickly and it is a quality job!

    Gregg PaulResidential Customer
  • Smart Charge owner Joseph Barletta (also a Tesla owner) and crew were great – highly recommended. Overall satisfied with the 14-50R and dedicated UMC installation.

    Howard FeindelResidential Customer
  • Very professional and left garage perfectly. Also took time to walk me through the use of the new Tesla charger.

    Kirk B.Residential Customer
  • I think that your team did a great job during the original site visit and during the installation. I am totally satisfied with the work and Austin Energy approved the install!

    Erin DefosseResidential Customer
  • I contacted several companies about installing a level 2 home charging station for my new electric car. Some didn’t know what I was talking about, and some sounded like they didn’t know what THEY were talking about. Joseph at Smart Charge was the only person who knew exactly what I meant, and also helped me understand my options.

    I hired Smart Charge to install the system. They were able to work me into their schedule so that the system would be up and running by the date I requested. I really appreciated that. I have used the charging station for about 2 months now. It works great -fully charges my car in about 3 hours. It looks nice. The installation was professional. I highly recommend Smart Charge to anyone who needs an electric charging station at their home.

    Margaret KResidential Customer
  • I appreciate a job well done and will be happy to provide reference -not that you need it. Thanks again!

    Nancy G. MarquezResidential Customer
  • Even though my Panel wasn’t as powerful as thought on the main breaker, the installers caught it and we downgraded to something my system could handle. It could have been a dangerous situation had they not been on top of their game and that is professionalism that is appreciated.

    Evan D.Residential Customer
  • “Very professional & courteous service, from the follow up to the original quote by Mark Marshall to the initial site contact and installation by Nathan Harrington, everything was done right. Very satisfied with service and would recommend highly.”

    Kevin RodgersResidential Customer
  • Jake was great – one of the best service providers that I have worked with!

    Larry W.Residential Customer