One man used the experiences of a fire, construction accident, hurricane and an iPhone to create an electric car charging company. Here’s our story about how Smart Charge America was founded.

In June 2007, Joseph Barletta was a graduate student working on his MBA at Texas State University. He purchased the first generation iPhone and was both excited and disappointed. He loved the phone, design, applications and touch screen. But he was disappointed that the phone’s battery life would only last for a few hours. He wound up having to go back to the Apple store and buy extra chargers for his home, car and office. The light bulb went off, and Joseph discovered a new passion that combined his interests of finding charging solutions and electric cars.

He was able to see, through his first-hand experience with the iPhone, how people grow dependent on commodities they have to use everyday. Where passions and opportunities collide, great businesses are formed. In 2007, Smart Charge Residential, LLC was founded. Along with the electric car market, we expanded to form Smart Charge America. We are the nation’s first, exclusively focused, electric car charging station installation company. In the first few years of operation, the only people interested in electric car charging stations were car conversion enthusiasts. In 2010, the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt changed the market drastically. These first mass produced electric cars were the spark needed to disrupt the car industry. When Tesla Motors entered and offered a longer range and some affordable options, other automakers jumped on the bandwagon and produced their own electric models to be able to compete. As a result, Smart Charge America grew. Not only were we installing stations for residential homes, we were installing stations at large companies like Amazon, Samsung and Google.

Joseph’s experiences when he was younger gave him a unique perspective on life. His drive to  create a company that was on the forefront of technology and sustainability, originated from losing everything he had twice, some would say three times. At the age of 19, his home, and all of his family’s possessions, were destroyed in a fire. Four years later, Joseph was working as a construction foreman on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, when he fell almost 700 feet to the ground. While he was in the midst of recovering from this tragic accident, his home was destroyed from hurricane Katrina.

“I wanted to achieve something great with the one life I have, ironically, you may have to get punched in the face three times to wake up and start doing things that are greater than just those you do for yourself.” Joseph said.

If you ask us what our business does, we would simply say we provide electric car charging solutions for residential and commercial customers. But we’re much more than that. We are a group of passionate, electric car enthusiasts. We not only drive, but believe that innovation and technology can change our global environment around us. Our mission is to accelerate the electrification of sustainable transportation, and we will continue to support electric car drivers the entire way. Our vision is to create a world where nature and technology can coexist, one electric car charging station at a time.


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