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Take Total Control of EV Charging Stations

Greenlots SKY Enterprise software gives you the power to optimize your EV charging network. The system offers real-time network monitoring, tracking the status and performance of every unit. With Greenlots’ EV charging software, you’re in control.
With Greenlots, you can set the system to automatically prioritize charging speeds and balance consumption. The software monitors every aspect of station performance, so you can instantly crunch the data and generate a custom report. Greenlots maximizes your EV charging stations.

Set Pricing or Offer Subscriptions

Put your charging stations to work with Greenlots Sky Enterprise software. With the driver mobile app, electric car owners will be able to find your location and pay directly from their phone. Greenlots allows you to set variable pricing based on your criteria of choice, including usage, time, and custom groups, or you can create a subscription service.

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Greenlots electric vehicle charging station software app

EV Drivers App

The Greenlots app helps drivers locate your public charging stations. Users monitor their charging status and pay for services directly from their phone. Drivers simply scan a QR code at your pump or type in your station ID to engage with your services.

manage fleets of electric vehicles at commercial and municipal level

Fleet Management

Greenlots represents one of the top choices for managing fleets of electric vehicles at the commercial and municipal level. The software gives you a clear picture of how and when your vehicles need charging. The platform integrates with other fleet management software, giving you the control you need.

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Reduce Costs with Smart Charge Technology

Installing Greenlots feels like upgrading your existing equipment. Smart charging and proper charging load management reduces costs and improves performance. Use dynamic pricing to change your prices based on time of day or other factors. Use Greenlots to save even more money by avoiding costly and unnecessary infrastructure upgrades.

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Smart Charge America Plants One Tree For Every Electric Car Charger Installed

smart charge america plants a tree for every electric car charger installed

One Tree Planted

We are very proud to announce that we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. Their mission is to reforest the planet, one tree at a time. Our mission is to accelerate the electrification of sustainable transportation.

Smart Charge America donates to One Tree Planted to plant a tree every time we install an electric car charging station. It’s that simple! Together, we can make a real difference.

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