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Companies Enjoying Our Commercial Car Charging Station Installation

electric vehicle charging station sales for commercial locations

Charger Sales

We’ll help you find the right equipment for your budget and needs. We’ll provide all the technical information needed to get up and running, and our licensed electrical contractors offer full installation. Whatever option you choose, our customer service will help your experience run smoothly.

licensed electricians offering electric car charging station installation and maintenance

Charger Installation

Our team of licensed master electricians are experienced in installing all EV charging stations. If you have charging units in need of installation, or if you’d like an existing station moved and reinstalled, we can handle that quickly and up to code. Don’t take a chance. For the safest results, call in our professionals.

smart charge america offers consulting and design services for ev charger installation at apartments and offices

Consulting + Design

We offer consultation and design services to bring your vision to life. This is an exciting time for electric car innovation, and we’re proud to pioneer and champion innovative ideas. Our experts will provide essential experience and practical knowledge, giving your project the best chance of success.

electric vehicle charger installation at whole foods store in austin texas

Full Turnkey

If you need the benefits of an electric car charging station without the concerns of maintenance and repair, we offer full turnkey solutions. We’ll work with you to determine the perfect charging station for your property. Our service team will be at your beck and call, monitoring your equipment and keeping it maintained and efficient.

Find the Perfect EV Charging Station for Your Business

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Let Smart Charge America Provide The EV Charging Solution For Your Business

Smart Charge Installations

Energize Your Business

If you’re looking to purchase or install electric car chargers for your business, you’ve come to the right place. We sell, service, and install electric car chargers for any commercial application. We’re here to help you gear up for the electric car revolution.

When it comes to electric car chargers, Smart Charge America does it all. We offer a range of chargers for every situation, budget and parking application including full turnkey installation services. Our team of certified master electricians can handle any installation scenario and our nationwide distributor professionals can align your needs with the perfect charging solution. No matter where you got your charging stations from, our service and maintenance are second-to-none, and we’ll keep your charging stations running.

Let Smart Charge America provide the EV charging solution for your business.

offices that offer electric car charging stations can attract better talent

Workplace — Recruit Top Talent

Satisfied workers are your company’s most valuable asset, so invest in your existing employee base and attract top talent professionals. Impress informed candidates with your commitment to a sustainable environment and forward thinking.

apartment managers often seek to install electric car charging stations for their tenants

Apartments and Condominiums — Attract and Retain

Stay ahead of your multifamily housing competitors and gain the attention of young professionals, the most sought-after target market on the planet. Increase both employee and resident retention while providing a top-shelf amenity.

EV charging stations for electric car charging at hotels for the hospitality industry

Hospitality — The New Amenity

As EV battery capacity increases, scores of travelers in electric cars will be looking for overnight accommodations – and charging facilities. There are already drivers who dismiss any hotel or motel without convenient EV charging. Don’t miss out on this fast-growing market.

electric car charging station installation and maintenance for retail locations

Retail Stores — Increase Revenue

Give your customers one more excuse to visit your store. Increase your business’ loyalty programs and advertise in real-time. Encouraging customers to park at your business means a shorter distance to carry their purchases, which can only improve your bottom line.

Find the Perfect EV Charging Station for Your Business

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