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Common electric car myths – DEBUNKED (Part 2)

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There are a lot of misconceptions that surround what it’s really like to own an electric car. Here are a few more common questions (continued from our last blog post,) our customers commonly have.

Myth #1 How long will an electric car battery last?

This is a myth we love to debunk! Most people are worried about their battery capacity in their electric car shrinking over time. This is a valid concern, just like it’s a valid concern to worry about your gas vehicle losing it’s miles per gallon efficiency. The only difference between the loss in range versus miles per gallon, is that it will be less expense to replace a battery than an engine. Battery prices are decreasing due to advancements in technology – engine prices aren’t. In fact, in the three year period from 2014 to 2016, battery costs fell over 50% from process improvements and scale effects.

ChargePoint charging station charging a Nissan Leaf

Myth #2 Are electric cars safe?

Due to the battery placement along the bottom of electric cars, they have a lower center of gravity and lower probability of rolling over. The NHSTA has determined that the top three safest vehicles, of all vehicles ever tested, are electric. There have been some instances where objects have pierced the batteries in electric cars and caused a fire. However, if we compare this to the rate at which gas vehicles catch fire or explode, it is comparable or slightly less probable.

Myth #3 Do electric cars harm the environment?

Let’s make no mistake. If you have to build a commodity, it’s going to be produced using environmental resources. It’s also a fact that electric cars take more energy to produce because of the complexity of the batteries. The reason why electric cars are better for the environment is because our society is moving toward using more renewable resources for energy. There are also multiple ways electric car batteries can be reused or recycled. Engines aren’t getting more ethically produced or cheaper, but batteries are.

Electric cars are less expensive to purchase and maintain. They reduce CO2 emissions, and when coupled with renewable energy are exponentially better for the environment.

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    Great blog. Please continue debunking EV myths.

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