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How electric car charging stations benefit your business

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Electric car charging stations benefit grocery stores, multi-family apartments, condos, hotels and retail stores. Here’s how they save you money.

It’s a familiar feeling to enter a store, look at all the variations of the same product and feel overwhelmed. As our eyes glaze over the options, we often land on the product with the packaging that we like the best. In a world where our markets are flooded with options, a customer’s perception is the key to their purchasing decisions. One commodity business owners dismiss as being valuable, is electric car charging stations. Charging stations aren’t just for electric car owners. They’re for your employees, and they show your clients your company cares about the environment. Here are the four top reasons why charging stations benefit your business.

People spend more time and money

We’ll be honest with you. If you charge customers to use your charging stations, it will take some time to recuperate the cost. However, there are other ways charging stations can generate revenue. Electric car drivers tend to have larger wallets, higher academic achievements and have more discretionary purchasing power. These types of drivers are always on the lookout for places to charge, whether that’s at the grocery store or at their workplace. Ravi Brar, ECOtality’s CEO said people will browse longer if they are charging their vehicle. “Typically, they’ll stay up to twice as long.” Electric car owners who browse longer tend to spend more in stores.

Installing charging stations at your business saves you money, increase loyalty and a positive brand reputation

Increased customer loyalty

Tesla owners as a whole are the most loyal car owners ever. Tesla drivers are 80 percent more likely to purchase another Tesla when they return to the market. In general, electric car owners tend to care about the environment, and show intense loyalty to companies whose values align with theirs. As the demand for electric cars increases, so does the consumer’s need to charge wherever they work, eat and shop. In an ever changing world of technology it’s important to stay on the front of trends to stay on the top of your customers minds as a leader in sustainability.

Increased incentives for employees

Charging stations aren’t just for the external, public use. An attractive reason why businesses will purchase electric car charging stations is for their employees. It serves as an amenity to attract top talent, and is an incentive to existing talent.  Both of these help increase the bottom line and decrease turnover. The economic saving of an employee not having to pay for gas is another significant perk heavily sought after by electric car owners.

Increased positive brand reputation

Charging stations aren’t just for electric car owners or prospective electric car buyers. Charging stations make a positive statement about your company values. To your employees, it makes them feel valued because their needs are being met. And to your customers, it shows your company is environmentally conscious, and cares about sustainability. Depending on the charging station, it can also give you insightful data on your carbon emission savings.

Installing charging stations at your business saves businesses money, increases positive brand reputation, makes an impact about company values, and lowers employee turnover. 


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