JuiceBox Pro 40

JuiceBox Pro 40

JuiceBox Pro 40

$579.00 $549.00

The JuiceBox Pro 40 is a high power, fast and compact electric car charger with advanced WiFi internet control and smart grid features. The JuiceBox portable charging station automatically adjusts to provide just as much power as your electric vehicle is able to accept, up to 40 amps for much faster charging than a standard wall outlet charger. And the JuiceBox Pro 40 is portable if you have multiple locations you travel to that need high speed electric car charging.

You can now enjoy a safe, convenient, reliable and faster charge in just a few hours while you work, sleep, enjoy a meal, or spend time with your family. The JuiceBox Pro 40 can be used in the convenience of your home garage, workplace, condominium or apartment. This home EVSE safely and reliably delivers AC power (10kW) to the vehicle’s on-board charger and features a weather-resistant NEMA 3R enclosure for both indoor and outdoor installations.

  • Convenient Design: LED indicator lights provide status on power, WiFi connectivity and charging.
  • Smartphone Control: Control time of charge, max. charge rate, and monitor instantaneous power, amperage and more.
  • Notifications: Set up automatic notifications, e.g. start and end of charge, unit offline, unit back online, full charge by certain time.
  • Charging History: View your real-time and historical vehicle charging data via dashboard or smartphone apps on Android or iOS.
  • Portable: Easy mounting / dismounting from wall bracket; great for both residential and on-­the-­road electric vehicle charging.
  • Voice Control: Monitor, manage, and control your charger via voice commands on Amazon Echo / Alexa and Google Home.
  • Emissions Optimized: JuiceNet Green option minimizes greenhouse gas emissions of charging an electric vehicle.
  • Flexible Installation: The JuiceBox electric car charger can be hardwired by a qualified electrician or can plug into a NEMA 14-50 outlet directly.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rated: Water and fire resistant.
  • Made in the USA: From domestic and imported parts.
  • Energy Efficient: Energy Star® certified.
  • High charging speed: 40A / 10 kW
  • Full JuiceNet app and web-based charging control
  • LED indication for power, connectivity, charging status
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Durable, water and fire resistant metal case
  • UL Listed

Additional information

Vehicle Type

Nissan, Chevrolet, BMW, Other

Cable Length

24 Feet


Single Port

Charging Level

Level 2 (240 V)

Output (kW)

10 kW

Amps (A)

40 Amps

Volts (V)

240 Volts

Installation Type

Hard Wired, Plug In

Weather Rating

Indoor, Outdoor

Warranty Protection

3 Years



Cable Management





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