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  • tesla wall connector third generation electric car charger showing front detail view
    tesla wall connector third generation electric car charger showing front wide view

    Tesla Wall Connector (Generation 3)

    The Tesla Wall Connector has been updated to a third generation. Charge at home, anytime. The Tesla Wall Connector 3rd generation provides a full charge overnight for every homeowner. With customized power settings, the lightweight design allows for versatile indoor/outdoor use, including a range of electrical systems and mounting options. Watch a video comparing the previous generation Wall Connector.

    Tesla Wall Connector Approved Electrician

    Smart Charge America is proud to be your Tesla approved Wall Connector Specialist nationwide. We have installed more Tesla Wall Connectors than anyone else on earth! Rest assured that your install comes with a level of experience and knowledge that the typical electrician just can’t muster.
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    Tesla Wall Connector (Generation 3) Features

    • Up to 44 miles of range per hour of charge
    • Compatible with Model S, Model X and Model 3/Y
    • Up to 11.5 kW / 48 amp output
    • Customizable power levels on a range of circuit breakers
    • Compatible with any home electrical system
    • Wi-Fi connectivity (2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n)
    • Approved for indoor and outdoor installation
    • Lightweight 24’ or 8’ cable length
    • Tempered white glass faceplate
    The Tesla Wall Connector is a UL Approved EV charging station that can charge your electric vehicle up to twenty times faster than a household outlet. Monitor your charge with the Tesla app and receive notifications when complete. Wi-Fi connectivity enables over-the-air firmware updates and remote service if necessary. Tesla Wall Connector third generation offers the best home charging experience for any Tesla owner. You can now enjoy a fast, safe, reliable and convenient charge in just a few hours while you sleep, enjoy a meal, or spend time with your family. The Tesla Wall Connector can be used in the convenience of the home garage, workplace, condominium, apartment, or retail parking structure. To purchase the Tesla Wall Connector, request a free quote for installing a home electric car charging station and be sure to mention the Tesla Wall Connector (Third Generation) to your Smart Charge America advisor. [sf_button colour="accent" type="standard" size="standard" link="/install/home-electric-car-charging-station/quote/" target="_self" icon="fa-clipboard" dropshadow="no" rounded="no" extraclass=""]Request Installation Quote[/sf_button]