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    EVBox Troniq dc fast charger for electric cars - front angle view
    EVBox Troniq dc fast charger for electric cars - close up view

    EVBox Troniq

    The EVBox Troniq is a 100 kW Level 3 DC fast electric car charging station with dual ports - CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connector (CCS). Fast, reliable, intelligent, and accessible, EVBox Troniq delivers a powerful output for a seamless EV charging experience at your location. Its standalone integrated architecture allows for simple install and set up, and its design lets it fit in nearly any layout - even compact spaces.

    EVBox Troniq delivers a powerful output of up to 100 kW for EVs parked at your site.

    Give your customers the power to add up to 160 miles in about 30 minutes. Plus, with Troniq's user-friendly design, you'll provide drivers with a first-class EV charging experience.

    Built for reliability

    EVBox Troniq keeps all of its high-quality electrical components housed safely inside a rugged, standalone unit, making install and upkeep a snap. Our network of experienced partners make sure that all of your chargers are set up and maintained with the highest level of care.

    Easy for everyone

    EVBox Troniq's anti-glare multi-language touchscreen and status indicator lights makes charging intuitive for everyone. With an easily reachable display and auto-retractable charging cables, EVBox Troniq is wheelchair accessible and ADA-compliant.

    Optimized for every location

    Thanks to our Smart Charging features, the output of your EVBox Troniq can be set to match the amperage requirements of any grid. This enables you to increase the profitability of your location without worrying about costly upgrades. Plus, load balancing and prioritization strategies optimize the charging time of every session.

    Charging Management Software

    A networked EV charging solution allows you to have total control over your entire charging station setup right from your fingertips. Track and manage all of your charging sessions from your smartphone or computer with ease. Configure your stations to operate exactly how you want, like changes to pricing, user groups, or energy consumption. Designed with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant firmware, Troniq gives you the freedom to choose any OCPP software provider, and change at any time (in consultation with your EVBox representative) - no vendor lock-in.

    Full-Service Support

    Making sure your new charging stations are installed and set up properly is important. That's why EVBox and our partners have a nationwide network of experienced installers to provide safe and fast installations, using their deep knowledge to advise on optimal install locations at your site. Our team of trained engineers are ready to help you with anything you might need, from installation to troubleshooting and support.
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    Tritium RT175-S DC fast charger for electric cars showing front view
    Tritium RT175-S DC fast charger for electric cars showing front angled view

    Tritium RT175-S

    The Tritium RT175-S is a 175kW Level 3 DC fast electric car charging station with dual ports- CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connector (CCS). The Tritium RT175-S High Powered DC vehicle charger, with isolated power unit, allows for continuous 175kW operation at up to 104°F/40°C. The compact and unquestionably futuristic industrial design is ideal for high population areas and can just as easily be adopted for highway rest stops, fuel stations, municipal installations, utilities, fleet, hospitality, education, destination centers as well as heavy infrastructure use cases such as mining and ports. The patented liquid cooling technology is exceedingly durable over a wide range of environmental conditions, including high and low temperatures, as well as mitigating against dust ingress, humidity, and corrosive conditions. Compatible with all electric vehicles using the CCS and CHAdeMO standards, this charger satisfies output voltage requirements up to 920V DC, with output of up to 350A via CCS1/CCS2 (200A via CHAdeMO) connectors with long reach cable management. The 175kW charger has an integrated safety loop with tilt sensor and offers an optional escutcheon panel with interlocking isolator for augmented safety within the heavy infrastructure sector. The lightweight charger has a correspondingly small footprint. This hallmark design feature of Tritium’s architecture makes it well suited to a wide range of installation sites. Optional features include cold weather kit for operation down to -22°F/-30°C, increased SCCR to 100kA for grid connection with high available fault currents, as well as options to support site power management and load balancing for multiple charger sites. The RT175-S represents a cost-effective solution; easy to install, own, and operate, thereby providing the earliest possible return on investment. The RT175-S is equipped with Tritium’s market validated implementation of ISO 15118 Plug and Charge. Plug and Charge is a communications protocol that enables electric vehicles and charging equipment to communicate, be authenticated, and transact seamlessly via the charging cable. Additional support for credit card and traditional RFID based payments gives owners / operators the flexibility of easily integrated alternative payment models. The optional credit card payment system supports both fixed price charging sessions and pre-authorised/post-settlement options, where unit-based pricing can be applied against either elapsed time or kWh consumed. RT175-S represents an economically viable solution for sites where a limited number of chargers are required, while still providing Tritium’s highly sought-after mix of liquid cooling and IP65 sealed system, which prevents dust and water ingress. These are coupled with Tritium’s famously large and well-lit customizable branding surfaces that facilitate clear brand messaging and easy visual location of your chargers, as well as promoting customer loyalty and highlighting public stewardship.