EVBox Iqon

EVBox Iqon

The EVBox Iqon is a Level 2 electric car charging station with dual ports. Designed for peak accessibility, intelligence, and reliability, EVBox Iqon is the ideal charging solution for every shopping center, hotel, parking facility, or workplace. The EVBox Troniq electric vehicle charging station generates revenue, branding and sustainability opportunities while charging popular electric car models including Tesla, Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Chevrolet VOLT, Ford Fusion Energi and more. Retain high value employees, customers and residents by keeping them charged up and coming back. With built-in cable management, a user friendly touch screen, out-of-the-box setup, and WiFi/4G/Bluetooth connectivity, Iqon is ready to turn the world of EV charging on its head.

Attract EV drivers with form and functionality.

With award-winning ADA-compliant design, smart cable management, and intuitive touchscreen interface, EVBox Iqon is the premier choice for effortless EV charging. Iqon’s tall sillouette and distinctive embedded glow strips mean that your site stands out and drivers will always recognize your location as a charging destination.

Have total control over your charging stations.

Load balancing, smart queueing, and demand response work better with more ports connected. With EVBox Iqon, you can connect up to 20. Configure your network to bill users based on kWh rates, time of use, or set them up to allow free access. And with total interoperability, you can select any OCPP network provider you’d like, and change your network at any time.

Get peace of mind with superior durability.

EVBox Iqon is vandal-proof, weather-resistant, and thanks to integrated electrical protection, always safe from power surges. Its auto-locking cable holsters prevent tampering and keep your site secure by only allowing approved users access via RFID or QR code. And with Wi-Fi and 4G, your station will always be online, communicating real-time insights and receiving remote upgrades/assistance whenever required.

Get a complete EV charging solution with EVBox Iqon

Iqon’s state-of-the-art EV charging hardware plus network service and EVBox support create the ultimate EV charging ecosystem.

Charging Management Software

A networked EV charging solution allows you to have total control over your entire charging station set up, right from your fingertips. Track and manage all of your charging sessions from your smartphone or computer with ease. Configure your stations to operate exactly how you want, like changes to pricing, user groups, or energy consumption.

Full-Service Support

Making sure your new charging stations are installed and set up properly is important. That’s why EVBox and our partners all work with certified installers to provide safe and fast installations, using their expertise to advise on optimal install locations at your site. Our team of trained engineers are ready to help you with anything you might need, from installation to troubleshooting and support.

Available Software

The EVBox Troniq can run a variety of commercial electric car charger software systems developed by ChargeLab, EV Connect and SWTCH. These software packages can allow for customer billing, fleet management, charger monitoring and even iPhone and Android apps for customers to use to find your chargers. The experts at Smart Charge America can help you select the ideal commercial electric vehicle charging station software for your needs.


Additional information

Vehicle Type

Nissan, Chevrolet, BMW, Ford, Tesla, Other


Double Port

Cable Management


Cable Length

18 Feet

Charging Level

Level 2 (240 V)

Mounting Type

Bollard Mount



Output (kW)

7.2 kW

Amps (A)

30 Amps

Volts (V)

240 Volts

Installation Type

Hard Wired

Weather Rating

Indoor, Outdoor

Warranty Protection

1 to 5 Year Plans Available




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