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    freewire boost charger electric car charger, front view
    freewire boost charger electric car charger, angle view view

    FreeWire Boost Charger

    The FreeWire Boost Charger is an ultrafast DC electric car charger. The battery-integrated design enables Boost Charger to easily connect to existing electrical infrastructure without costly construction and complex permitting. With 160 kWh of battery capacity and 120 kW output, Boost Charger is ready for current and next generation EVs.

    Ultrafast EV Charging with Integrated Energy Storage

    The FreeWire Boost Charger enables ultrafast charging using the same infrastructure as L2 chargers at up to a 40% lower cost of installation versus other fast chargers. Deliver high-quality power while significantly reducing demand charges with Boost Charger’s battery-integrated platform.

    Turnkey Installation

    Plug & Play: battery-integrated design connects to the existing low-voltage grid, enabling cost efficient installation in hours Small Footprint: space efficient design means no unsightly and expensive electrical infrastructure Lower Operating Costs: energy buffering technology reduces costly demand charges

    Premium Charging

    Ultrafast Charging: charges EVs up to 100 miles in 10 minutes

    Dual Charging: provides simultaneous charging that’s universally compatible with all EV models

    Customizable Design: option for custom branded unit including point-of-sale integration for retailers

    Future Proof

    Smart & Connected: integrated energy management software and compatible with any charging network

    Flexible Deployment: easy to relocate depending on charging demand and site access limitations

    Available Software

    The The FreeWire Boost Charger can run a variety of commercial electric car charger software systems developed by ChargeLab, EV Connect and Greenlots. These software packages can allow for customer billing, fleet management, charger monitoring and even iPhone and Android apps for customers to use to find your chargers. The experts at Smart Charge America can help you select the ideal commercial electric vehicle charging station software for your needs.