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  • ChargePoint Express 100 CPE100 electric car charging station EVSE - close-up view

    ChargePoint Express 100 CPE100

    Make your business a preferred destination. The ChargePoint Express 100 CPE100 generates revenue, branding and sustainability opportunities while charging popular electric car models including the Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Chevrolet BOLT and SPARK, Volkswagen e-GOLF and more. Retain and attract high value customers by keeping them charged up and coming back for more. Innovative features of the ChargePoint Express 100 include:
    • Speed: 24kW output, charges at rate of 100 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour)
    • Revenue: Time of day pricing with 15 minute interval recording
    • Connectors: SAE Combo connector (CCS) compatible with SAE EVs
    • Form Factor: Slim design with wall mount and stand options
    • Reliability: Exterior designed increasing reliability and performance
    • Low Cost: State-of-the-art power, smallest and lowest cost DC fast chargers
    • Warranty: 1-3yr ChargePoint Warranty; Proactive Monitoring, Repair + Reporting
    • Networking: Station Activation and Configuration Service for your initial setup
    • Support: Monday to Friday from 5 AM to 6 PM PST
    • Pricing: Remote configuration of pricing policies based on energy and/or time
    • Management: Real-time energy measurement and comprehensive driver services
    • Analytics: Analytics and reports on gas savings, usage and more
    • Community: Largest community of EV drivers
    Installation consultation, networking, extended warranties and other accessories are available.