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  • Delta DC Wallbox

    The Delta Group is an established brand with over 40 years of expertise in power technologies. The energy efficient DC Wallbox EV charger has an output power up to 25kW and 94% efficiency with CCS and/or CHAdeMO standard output. Its communication functions and RFID user authentication can support both public and private charging applications for workplace, apartment, condominium, hospitality and retail solutions. Key features include:
    • Speed: 25kW output, charges at rate of 100 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour)
    • Connectors: SAE Combo connector (CCS) and/or CHAdeMO connector
    • Form Factor: Slim design with wall mount and stand options
    • Network: Various communication platforms available
    • Warranty: 2yr hardware warranty; Proactive monitoring, repairing & reporting available
    • Pricing: Remote configuration of pricing policies based on energy and/or time
    Installation consultation, networking, extended warranties and other accessories are available.

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