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  • ChargePoint CPF25 electric car charging station EVSE for apartments and condominiums - close up view of single charger unit
    ChargePoint CPF25 electric car charging station EVSE for apartments and condominiums - overview of single charger unit

    ChargePoint CPF25

    Please note that this charger has been discontinued. Please call to discuss similar alternatives. Click to see newer model. The ChargePoint CPF25 commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging station is a smart solution for any assigned, shared or fleet parking situation, which aligns with most apartments, condominiums and workplaces respectfully. Drivers pay a low monthly service fee plus the cost of electricity. ChargePoint handles billing and remits 100% of the electricity fees back to the property or HOA. Key features include:
    • Automated billing and reimbursements for electricity used
    • Drivers pay for charging with their existing ChargePoint account
    • Energy management capabilities to charge more cars without expensive upgrades
    • Reporting and analytics to track energy usage, environmental impact and revenue
    • Experienced Smart Charge America team to guide you from installation to activation
    • 24/7 phone support for drivers
    • Dedicated ongoing-support for property management and HOA administrators
    • Proactive station monitoring and on-site station maintenance
    • UL listed, meeting the nation’s leading safety standards organization
    • Designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions
    • Ability to charge any EV on the road which ensures industry compatibility
    • Future-proof, with automatic over-the-air software upgrades
    Get ready to retain high value employees, customers and residents by keeping them charged up and coming back. Installation consultation, networking, extended warranties and other accessories are available.

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