Smart Charge America Opens Electric Car Charger Installation In Boston

Smart Charge America Opens Electric Car Charger Installation In Boston
January 11, 2021 Joseph Barletta
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We are excited to announce that Smart Charge America is opening its electric car charger installation in Boston! Our electric car charging station installation services now serve fifteen of our country’s most iconic cities. Our team is thrilled to join the thriving tech companies and startups that call Boston their home. This is a monumental time for this city and electric vehicles, and we will continue to play a central role.

Smart Charge America installs residential and commercial electric vehicle charging stations, with a focus on quality and convenience. Whether you need to charge your own car or an entire municipal fleet, our charging solutions will keep you on the road. We work with you to find the right charging system for your space, budget, and peace of mind. The future is here, and we are here to help.

Boston: new tech in the Old Towne

Boston has a rich history of technology. From the telephone to the microwave oven, from Gillette to Tupperware, we owe Bostonians for many of the conveniences of modern life. Since settlers named their village in 1630, Boston has led the country in new ideas. They opened the first public park, Boston Common, in 1634 and the first public school in 1635. They do not waste any time in Boston!

The city continues to be recognized for its dedication to innovation, education, and community. They lead the country in quality of life, and upcoming public projects will only improve their position. People travel from all over the world to experience the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the Huntington Theatre Company. Boston offers exciting opportunities for businesses, making it one of the fastest-growing centers for technology and new ideas. It’s the perfect city for Smart Charge America to set up shop.

Recharge Boston

The City of Boston aims to transform the way people get from place to place. Under the banner of their Recharge Boston program, city leaders have released the Zero-Emission Vehicle Roadmap, their plan to prioritize zero-emission transportation. Public EV charging stations will continue to become more accessible, and the city will modernize its municipal fleet with electric vehicles. This is a huge job for one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.

Recharge Boston has enormous hopes for improving its charging infrastructure, but we are confident the city will meet its goals. New advancements in batteries and charging solutions make electric cars more convenient than ever before. We are excited to be part of the process, offering affordable and easy-to-use charging stations for electric vehicle drivers, property owners, and businesses.

Driving an Electric Car in Boston

Massachusetts already has over 30,000 electric vehicles on the road. Boston ranks 10th in the country in sales of electric vehicles, and the state offers a $2,500 rebate for purchases of new fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids. These opportunities will only raise the demand for access to fast, safe charging. Boston continues to expand public options, but drivers want fast-charging solutions for their homes. Businesses need commercial charging stations to stay competitive. Fortunately, Smart Charge America now calls Boston home. 

Smart Charge America continues to grow

With thriving offices across the country, including recent openings in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago, Smart Charge America continues to be a major force in connecting drivers and property owners with the charging options they need. Whether you need to install a charging station in new construction or retrofit an existing building, we want to help.

You will find Smart Charge America in over a dozen of America’s brightest cities. We work with electric vehicle owners, business and property owners, and community leaders to provide charging stations and management software, as well as expert installation and ongoing support. Contact us today, and we can provide you a reliable quote using just your mobile phone, without the need for a technician to visit your property. Make your best decision since you decided to go electric; give Smart Charge America a call.


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