Can I hire a regular electrician?

Can I hire a regular electrician?
July 3, 2018 Amanda Heileman

Charging stations – Can I hire a regular electrician?

Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station can be challenging. Here’s why you shouldn’t choose your neighborhood electrician. 

By Amanda Heileman


Short answer, yes. Long answer, we don’t recommend it. Electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations are meticulously crafted and they require specific amounts of power. You can’t plug an EV into a regular socket (unless you want to take days to completely charge). So an experienced electrician is required to calculate how much power capacity your home has, and if you will need to upgrade the electrical system on your home.

Depending on where you would like your charging station installed, and where your breaker box is located, there could be complex wiring or trenching required to make charging as easy and comfortable as possible.


Why choose us?

  • Installing EVs is our specialty

Don’t get us wrong, we support local mom and pop shops. It’s just that this is our specialty. We eat, breathe and live every single aspect that has to do with EVs. As soon as Tesla sends a remote upgrade to their vehicles ,we are all over it because it’s our passion. We want to know every detail about electric vehicles so we can contribute to building a sustainable future.

  • We save you money

Since we specialize in EVs, we have a great deal of knowledge about incentives and rebates provided by electrical companies and by the government. We’ll do all the research for you, find the best option and assist you in applying for the rebate. We also save you money by offering a warranty on our work. Most electricians will only warranty for a year. For us, we warranty our work for three years. And if we’re installing a charging station, four years.


In theory, any electrical company can do what we do. But the fact is most electrical companies do thousands of different things. With us, we only do one thing which is why we are in and out within the same day, within hours. If you can’t charge you can’t drive. And we want to make your charging easy and comfortable so we can change our global environment around us.


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